10 Smart Tips: How to Clean Smelly Shoes? Full Guide 2021

Imagine going out for a nice walk or jog. You feel fresh and ready for the day, but as soon as you remove your shoes, your shoes started giving out a pungent and stinky smell. Your new and happy mind is now irritated and ruined. This is exactly what happens when you do not care about your shoes for days and days. It does not matter how long you wore those shoes, but that smell can lead to embarrassment.

In case you wonder why that smell is coming even though you keep your body clean, it is because you avoid the essential and vital part of your body, your feet. The feet contain the maximum number of sweat glands of the body, and when covered in shoes, it creates a warm and friendly place for the bacteria to grow. Thus, it is essential to know how to keep your smelly shoes fresh throughout the day.

Here are a few tips and hacks on how to freshen smelly shoes in 2021.

How to Clean Smelly Shoes?

1. Baking Soda

  • The powder itself is a powerful tool to remove the smell.
  • Take some baking soda in socks and put them inside each shoe.
  • Leave it overnight and let it do its magic.
  • Even though it’s a beneficial tool but remember not to do it excessively as it may dry out your shoes.

2. Salt

  • These minute particles work amazingly to remove odor as they use as a deodorant.
  • Put some salt in socks and place them inside the shoes.
  • Better results if left overnight.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

  • Rubbing alcohol is very suitable and cheap when it comes to removing shoe odor.
  • It not only acts as a natural deodorant but also kills the bacteria that produce a smell.
  • Simply just stick some cotton balls inside the shoes and leave it overnight. 

4. Essential Oils

  • The sweet and fragmented oils are beneficial to remove shoe odor.
  • Put drops of essential oil of your choice in a cotton ball and place them inside the shoes.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • It is better to use some citrus smell such as lemon and orange for better results. 

5. Sunlight

  • Nothing can be better than the rays of the sun.
  • It is so powerful that it can quickly reduce the pungent smell and kill bacteria due to high temperatures in a few hours.
  • Just keep the shoes outside where it gets direct sunlight with the shoe’s tongue widely opened.

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6. Black Tea Bags

  • Not only is black tea used for drinking and beauty routines, but it is also used to eradicate your shoes’ smell.
  • Dues to the presence of tannins, a substance useful to remove the odor; it is a cheap and valuable product.
  • Put 2-3 tea bags in boiling water and remove them.
  • Let it cool for some time and stick them inside the shoes for at least an hour or so.
  • Clean the leftover liquid on your shoes.

7. Freezer

  • This may sound a little untraditional, but it is beneficial.
  • At a low temperature, the bacteria tend to die; hence is a very effective way to remove the smell, making them fresh once again.
  • Place your shoes inside a zipper bag and keep them inside the freezer overnight. 

8. Citrus Peels

  • Citrus smells are the best way to neutralize the odor of shoes.
  • Take 4-5 peels of any citrus fruit like lemon, orange, and place them inside the shoes.
  • Leave it overnight. 

9. Soap Bars

  • Soap bars are porous and hence a great alternative.
  • Put a bar of soap inside your shoes and leave them overnight.
  • This will let the soap’s pores soak in all the smell, leaving a fresh scent behind.

10. Kitty Litter

  • This may sound surprising, but cat litter absorbs odors and moisture to protect your shoes from stinking.
  • Just fill a sock or worn-out pantyhose with the cat litter and secure it with a rubber band.
  • Let it soak up offensive smells and remaining moisture overnight.

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