How to Care for Leather Shoes? 4 Smart Ways to Protect Your Shoes in 2021

Leather shoes are one of the most costly shoes you get in the market. Even though you tend to come across some fake leather shoes sometimes, yet they are very costly. They are very gentle and need proper care to increase their durability. The great thing about purchasing good quality leather shoes is that, with due care, they will last you years. So it is a smart idea to educate yourself a bit on adequate leather shoe care so you can enjoy your purchase for decades.

How to Care for Leather Shoes?

1. Avoid Direct Sunlight

  • Direct sunlight is one of the significant issues for your leather shoe damage.
  • The intense UV rays of the sunlight can create cracks due to suppleness and tend to change its color.
  • Keep them in the shade or in shoe racks, which will also help the foul odor’s shoes.

2. Know Your Leather

  • It is essential to know your leather type.
  • Different shoes are made up of varying leather and hence are its storing and cleaning process.

Suede Leather:

  • They are fussy.
  • They look old and ragged if not taken proper care of, but excessive cleaning can ruin the nap and look bleached out.
  • Avoid wearing it regularly. Keep switching it from time to time.
  • Use Suede Brush, Rubber Eraser, Suede Cleaner, and a protective Suede Spray for cleaning.

Vegetable Tanned Leather:

  • These are the oldest and traditionally leather shoes.
  • They are most widely popular due to its shiny and smooth texture.
  • They require special care due to their cinnamon color and texture.
  • Better to avoid water as much as possible.
  • Use Horsehair Brush, Microfiber Cloth, Leather Cleaner, Good quality Leather conditioner that does not contain wax –oil for cleaning.

Pebbled Leather:

  • The name “pebbled” leather came due to its grainy structure on the surface.
  • They are the simplest to take care of.
  • Use Microfiber Cloth, Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner, and Beeswax based Polish in an appropriate color for cleaning.

Chamois Leather:

  • They are made of sheep or lambskin.
  • They do not go well with water and thus should be avoided from it.
  • The cleaning process is the same as that of suede leather.
  • Use Suede Brush, Rubber Eraser, Suede Cleaner, and Protective Suede Spray for cleaning.

Calfskin Leather:

  • They are very shiny and elegant looking.
  • Proper care and make them last longer.
  • Use Horsehair Brush, Leather Conditioner, Beeswax Polish, and Microfiber Cloth for cleaning.

Pull-Up Leather:

  • They are slightly oily looking leather.
  • The great part about these shoes is that they prevent themselves from getting scratches.
  • Just a cleanup and make them look new again.
  • Use Microfiber Cloth, Leather Conditioner, Beeswax leather polish, and Soft Polishing Brush for cleaning.

Patent Leather:

  • These are susceptible and shiny glazed shoes.
  • A small scratch is also visible.
  • Hence they need extra care while cleaning and wearing.
  • Use Chamois Cloth, Patent Leather Cleaner, and Patent Leather Finishing Spray for cleaning.

Cordovan Leather:

  • This has always been in a limited edition collection due to its fine leather and luxurious look.
  • A wrong product can make your shoes look worse.
  • Use Soft Horsehair Brush, Renovator Cream, Mink-Oil Based Wax Polish, and Microfiber Cloth for cleaning.

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3. Dry Correctly:

  • It is essential to make sure that your leather shoes are dried entirely and correctly.
  • If not dried, it would dampen your shoes, creating fungal growth that would destroy your shoes.
  • In case you are drying suede and chamois shoes with a hand dryer, keep in mind that it should be tried in the same direction as the fabric is.

4. Removal of Stains:

  • Stains can make your shoes look old and rotten. Hence it is essential to treat them properly.
  • Do not rub the stain with soap and water. This will ruin your leather shoes.
  • Instead, you can use some salt.
  • Just sprinkle some of the salt and wait. A well-conditioned shoe resists salt stains best.

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